Picking the Right Type of Stun Gun For Executives

Picking the Right Type of Stun Gun

Stun guns are one of the last few weapons in the world that can be considered defensive. Although outlawed in a few States, they are still widely regarded as ideal defensive tools because of the instant stopping power that they possess. In the past (just 15 years ago), the only people authorized to carry these weapons were police officers, or those that held a level of authority. Due to a recent change in personal defense laws however, any citizen has a right to possess one of these tools.

Picking the right type of stun gun

Nowadays there are over a dozen unique types of stun gun available on the market. From tiny and concealable devices right through to larger alternatives that can be used to defend like a baton; there are so many types to choose from. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular, how they work and which types of features they offer.

Concealable Stun Guns

These devices often take on the appearance of lipsticks or other small objects that can be commonly found within a handbag. For their size they can pack a shocking jolt of electricity. Some models can be recharged while others require replaceable batteries. In any event, these devices have certainly helped to save more than a few lives in the years that they have been available.

Baton Stun Guns

Some stun guns are made using high density materials and can also be used as small bats to inflict impact damage. As there is no intention to cut, the risk of being charged with intentional assault is minimal – and as they are often large enough to incorporate a huge power cell, the shock that they can emit will often be enough to stop an attacker in their tracks (and leave them reeling on the ground as a result).

Traditional Stun Guns

Another very popular type of tazer is known as the traditional model. These devices usually feature one or two prongs that can be pressed into an attacker’s body, as well as being about the weight of half a bag of rice (and can also be used as a blunt instrument if necessary). These weapons are by far some of the most affordable and they also possess some of the widest ranges in power. Some are made to deter and others are designed to shock an attacker into submission, so it’s really more to do with your preference than anything else.