More than 7,500 chief executives turn to TEC for a learning experience they cannot get anywhere else. We are committed to connecting business leaders with the people, ideas, and information they need to help them improve their businesses and their lives.

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Becoming a TEC Member

TEC Membership is selective and by invitation only. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a TEC Member, you can contact us to register your interest, ring us or, as most do, attend one of our regularly held TEC Information Events in your state.

After the event, if you are interested in becoming a Member and we find that you are a suitable candidate, a TEC Chair will contact you to set up an interview to determine if you are right for TEC and TEC is right for you.

Once you are invited to join TEC, you are matched with a TEC group that is comprised of peers from non-competing organisations. Your TEC group is selected based on your business background and needs as well as your leadership style and personality.