Following are some questions asked about TEC. If you would like to ask a question, please email us and we will provide a quick response.

  1. Does TEC offer opportunities to network with other TEC Members?

Yes. TEC Members network to help each other with the bigger issues of managing a company. Advice, contacts and assistance are all core values of TEC, both domestically and internationally.  In addition to annual events, such as the All TEC Day, which brings an international speaker to Australia for presentations in each capital cities, TEC Members worldwide are linked through the MyTEC website, which enables a member to contact any other member around the world. Our TEC Chair network is also extensively used to source Member contacts who can help on specific issues.

But the kind of networking available to you as a TEC Member depends on what you define as networking. If you are looking for sales leads, then TEC is not for you.

  1. What size are TEC Member companies?

The size of TEC Member companies covers a wide range, from $1.5 million to more than $1 billion. Some of our Members have up to 25 employees while others have many thousands. Each TEC group has a mixture of different-sized companies allowing for a broader perspective than would be possible if they were categorised only by company size. We do provide two different programs for companies that are in different stages of development. The TEC program is for larger companies and TEC Roundtable is for smaller companies at an earlier stage in their development.

  1. Are TEC CEO Members owners of their companies or are they hired CEOs?

Members of TEC include both chief executives who own their own company and chief executives who are employed to run a company. Many Members are partners in a business, but they must have bottom-line responsibility. TEC finds that this mixture adds to the diversity of our groups.

  1. How does TEC make sure its speakers are the best available?

TEC regularly monitors the performance of each of the hundreds of speakers we hire to speak at our TEC meetings. We provide Members with the highest quality speakers who offer practical take-home tools that our Members can apply to their businesses. We also provide Member and Chair feedback to our speakers so that they can deliver greater value every time they speak to a group.

  1. I’m not a CEO but want to be a member of TEC. How can I join?

Our KEY program is designed for key executives of companies. Normally these KEY memberships are available only to staff whose chief executive is a member of TEC. We have made a few exceptions in the past and this is considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Does TEC provide just mentoring services?

Mentoring has tended to be a popular buzz word recently with many consultants offering this service. At TEC we believe that mentoring is only part of an overall process to help our Members increase their effectiveness and enhance their lives.  The interaction with other CEO members of the group on the group meeting day is also a critical element in the TEC process as are the professional speaker sessions and the national and international networking opportunities. It is the combination of these four elements of TEC that provides a total value package to Members.

  1. If I can’t make a meeting, can I send someone else from my company to attend?

Absolutely not! The glue that holds a TEC group together is the confidentiality that the group honours. Very deep and personal issues are discussed at group meetings and only Members of the group are permitted to attend. It is also essential that all Members of a group must be from non-competing industries. This situation is confirmed before any new Member joins a particular group.

If a TEC Member does miss a meeting, they can still receive tapes and handouts from the TEC speaker session.

  1. Are there groups that cater to particular professions or educations standards?

No.  In a group you may find a finance-based chief executive sitting next to a lawyer, manufacturer or service industry CEO. The Members within a group also vary by age, gender and education. Some of our Members have PhDs or Masters’ Degrees whilst others will have a basic education. All our Members bring an incredible range of experiences to the table, and all our Members benefit from this great diversity.


  1. If I contact TEC, will my details be given to a third party?

No. Our contact and Member list is maintained on our own computer system and only authorised TEC staff can access the information. Should at any time you want to be taken off our contact list simply notify our office. Confidentiality and privacy are of highest priority in the whole TEC process and this includes the handling of contact and Member information.

If you have any other questions about TEC, please email us.