Employment Experts Discuss the Importance of Networking

What People Are Saying About Employee Matters and The Executive Connection

“Being at the top is a lonely business. Sharing some of the concerns with other emploment experts around Sydney, also at the top in a non competing environment can be immensely helpful…you can quote me.’’ – Howard Schulze,Managing Partner,Collison & Co.

“I have particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of my TEC group and the support provided by the other employees and members of the group to each other. This to me is the most valuable part of the TEC experience.” – Carolyn Mitchell, Managing Partner, Cowell Clarke Commercial Lawyers.

“TEC is a unique community of business leaders sharing their personal and professional lives in total confidence.” – Nigel McBride, Managing Partner, Minter Ellison Lawyers. “TEC is the best single thing that I have done in years to improve my management performance and lifestyle.” – Christopher Stathy, Managing Director, Philmac.

“Even after only 12 months the business I now run bears no resemblance to the struggling company,I ran 12 months ago,thanks to TEC.” – Terri Scheer, Managing Director, Terri Scheer Insurance Brokers.

“TEC spurs you on. Irrespective of your business and industry, CEO issues are basically the same. A forum to share, debate and learn how to better handle business, leadership and development is invaluable. TEC provides such a forum.” – Nigel Vinecombe, Managing Director, Collotype Labels.

“Despite the short period of time of being a member of TEC,the drive from the Chairman and the group through a very difficult period has helped me cope with the challenge and opportunities before me.” – John Murray, Managing Director, Ausbulk.

“TEC has enabled me to grow exponentially as a leader of my business in a short time.It has given me skills and confidence to manage a large organisation which otherwise would have taken a decade.” – Frank Mitolo, Managing Director, Comit Farm Produce.

“TEC has been a very instrumental factor in the evolution of the business through generational change.” – John Angove, Managing Director, Angove’s. “My TEC group and my TEC Chair were instrumental in ensuring I remained focused on the strategic issues,enabling our firm to prosper and grow.I can commend the TEC organisation to CEO’s of growing businesses and particularly to those who feel isolated in their environment.” – Russell Heywood-Smith, Managing Director, BDO.